Sunday, August 16, 2015

Face Up To Reality


So jobs.......why O´ why do they seem to suck the life and soul out of us? What the hell can be done about it? Let´s face reality, the way life is set up, mother nature, the survival of the fittest, unfortunately the fact of the matter is that you gotta hustle or get left behind. If you´re an animal, hustle or get eaten. We all want to be happy in life, but no amount of spiritual niceness, wonderful, profound deep thoughts can get you away from the fact that you WILL have to go to that job on a Monday morning.

The fact is that deep down we just all want to feel alright. To not have hunger and starvation threatening your family. To have a house over your head. To have money to spend on nice things every once in a while. But we also don´t want to have the life and soul sucked out of us by a dead end job. We want to feel good and be non materialistic, and live a happy life but the fact is that we have to face reality. If you somehow want to get by in society, you have to buy into the consumerist attitude that governs everything.

Honest to God we´re all just doing it out of love. Either busting our asses to provide for our families. Or busting our ass to be good enough to have someone love us. There is a huge amount of freedom that comes out of dropping the ego completely and becoming non materialistic. Is that the path to hapiness? Theres a huge amount of anxiety sometimes with the feeling of being left behind, or not providing enough for your family. And, its just the way it is, but MOST people are caught in the rat race, and are too busy to be wondering about feeling good, and spirituality and all those great things. It´s pure hustle to stay ahead and not go under. Once again, face reality. Look it straight in the eyes.

So where do you put your energy? If you´ve got a shitty job, do you just enjoy life and grin and bear the crappy office hours and stay at that level? Or do you put more focus on your work and somehow learn to love it? And get better at it and move up the ranks? Even if you´re half living a lie? Or do you just go money mad, work your office hours but bust your ass outside of work to try and make a million, then drop out and get back to feeling good and enjoying life? Something like controlled crazy money neurosis for a while?? It´s a bit of a conundrum. I mean, look at this, most spiritual people that you see on the internet have created a business out of their spiritual advice. It seems like its all business at the end. A lot of the work involves stats, SEO, ebooks, email lists etc etc. You can have the best advice ever but if you´re not a good business person NO ONE is going to see it. So its business. And hustle. Thats the reality of life. Learn to embrace it somehow. And just try and find time to enjoy yourself as much as you can.