Monday, June 29, 2015

How to Develop Mental Toughness Within

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Life gets very superficial sometimes. We like to operate at the top layer and very seldom go deeper to develop mental toughness. We spend so much time doing things. Wanting to be busy. It´s like life just engages with us in that way. We´ve got to be very diligent about keeping up with what´s going on around us. The problem comes when you´re operating from a bad or weak inner core. From deep within you there might be a bit of resentment or anger or sadness or whatever, but if that is what is at the heart of you, without a doubt that is what is gonna come out in your behaviour, and that will be your experience. It´s like running around furiously when your head is all tangled up. And the harder you run, the more strain you puts on the knots in your mind. Until you breakdown mentally.

The way that I like to get to the core of things is to step out of life for a while. Just take a step back. Stop watching the news, stop running around trying to "do" things, posting what your eating for breakfast on facebook, running around all happy and smiles, busy, busy, busy. It´s totally fine if at the core of you you are strong and solid, thinking positive, but if there´s negativity, those happy smiles might be masking inner torment. And it´s very difficult to get time and space the way life is set up. If I get all bent out of shape, I have to find a place where I can just chill out and do nothing for a while until I get things in my mind straightened out. Until I get that mental toughness back. Where I can start building confidence again.

I just sit down and think. And this can get a little dangerous as it can lead to obsessive thinking and disengagement with reality if you do not remember to return to the present moment and start engaging with life again. But just start exploring the deeper side of you and start pushing things in a positive direction. The positive thinking ball needs to start rolling again. It´s all about that mental toughness. If you feel that your fuel in life is anger, then you gotto get to that anger somehow and examine it, and look at it from all angles, and question it. Then just nudge things in a positive direction. Build that confidence. Its actually quite difficult to give directions on this because everyone just has to figure it out for themselves when you´re that deep down within yourself. But just make things positive somehow from deep within.

I also like to come up with great plans when I´m in this thinking mode. I start imagining what I´d like to do in the future, what kind of person I´d like to be, what part of the world I want to live and travel next, what kind of job I´d love to be doing. All the best things that you can think of. I imagine that mental toughness returning. Reach for the stuff that really makes you feel good, where life would feel great. And make these concepts solid within your mind, so that becomes a part of who you are. Build that confidence. So when you come to the next part where you have to actually DO all these great things and take action, the foundation of this plan is strong within your mind. The thing is though that slowly the more you actively do things to create this reality, the plan within your mind starts to fade a little so every now and then you have to reestablish the plan. And if things totally fade out and you´re wondering around kinda aimless and purposeless because youve been "doing" for so long, you gotto go back into the lab. Take a step back from life. Get down to the core and get your mental toughness back.

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