Sunday, May 24, 2015

You Will Find Happiness Again

ready to fight with myself

Dark times are just a part of life. No matter who you are in the world. How rich you are. How beautiful you are. How many friends you have. How spiritual you are. That´s just life. It´s designed to kick our ass. I think we´re here to get an ass whoopin. And if there is an afterlife, we´ll sit back and go "Wooooaahhh, that was mental". It´s like the ultimate obstacle course. 

It´s the nature of duality. For all the good in the world, there is an equal and opposite amount of terrifying, horribly nasty, evil goings on. It´s not right or wrong. It just "is". And so, you´re stuck here with it. From day one to your last, it´s a scramble. So . . . . . instead of life kickin your ass so much . . . . . . . try with all your might, all your bravery, all your skill, become as productive in this aspect as you can possibly be, to kick life´s ass. Push the boundary of suffering and misery back. And go as far in the direction of good feeling as you can. If nature is gonna try and bring us down, I sure as hell aint goin down without a fight. 

I will implement every strategy that I know of. I will look to the leaders of thought and ideas and experience to find out the concepts which they implement, to use for myself. Don´t invent the wheel again. Stand on the shoulders of the giants who have gone before you and use their ideas. And pass your knowledge on to the next generation. But think for yourself aswell. Search your own soul. There is a way to do this. Don´t let melancholy set in. Don´t let mediocrity seep in. Fight like a warrior. Because there is peace and happiness. It exists within duality. 

I´ve been up and down. Everyone has. And when you´re down, you think you´ll never experience the good times again. But . . . . . there it is. And you ride the wave. And then down it goes and you start to spiral and lose hope. It´s just an emotional rollercoaster. It will go up again. Just keep doing all the right things. "If you're going through hell, keep going." - Winston Churchill

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