Monday, April 6, 2015

Get back to clean foods!! Fruits and veg!

Well holy hell. Life does go up and dowwwwwnn doesn´t it? I started out this blog as a way to share my thoughts on how to start kickin´life´s ass, and guess what?? It just gave me a whoooopin. It´s pretty interesting to track the progress or lack of progress. From about August of last year the posts got more and more erratic, disjointed, confused and I also get a slight hint of desperation from them.

This is a blog about how to just feel better. How to get from shitty situations to great little grooves in life. And this blog started out pretty well. It had a decent focus, good solid principles, and a definate direction. The thing is, I experienced the end of a really good relationship and everything just seemed to go to hell. Things turned upside down, the lightswitch of life flicked off. And it became a scramble. And I´ve HAD these experiences BEFORE! I think that I´ve got some pretty good principles to rely on in times of mental crises. But no matter what, it just continued down. It´s like time just had to pass for it to be over. There was no shortcut.

The thing that helped most was to just focus on solutions again. When disaster strikes, my mind seemed to get FIXATED on the problem. Oh GOD, OH GOD!! Problem! Problem! Well slowwwly I wrangled that obsession back to solutions. And my solutions to life?? How do I get things to just click again? Where I just seem in sync with life? Present moment awareness, imagination, and health! Health BIG TIME.

Health was the one thing that I had neglected for months and months. I had put it on autopilot. About 18 months ago I had a serious crack at increasing my health to super levels. And I felt GREAT! I also stopped all alcohol intake. It really is a great feel good technique. It nearly trumps all other methods as far as immediate practicality. Just get as much fresh nutrients, minerals, vegetables, fruits, good water, nuts seeds etc etc into your body!! Dead foods. Dead body. Living foods. Living body!! It´s really that simple. Just get a HIGH level of GOOD STUFF into your body. Don´t get too technical about it. Basically fruits and vegetables. In smoothies, juicers whatever. I also consume a lot of sweet potatoes and yams for carbs and nuts for protein. I really dont get too technical about it. I prefer to do it more intuitively.

But anyway, if you´re frazzled, if you´re confused, in a rut in life, things just aren´t clicking, whatever you´re doin isn´t working........just.................clean food baby............fruits and veg........high levels. Theres a war in your body between good and bad bacteria. Arm your good guys with the right stuff. Win the battle within. It really does feel that things have just started to "click" again. Hope this helps someone else.

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