Tuesday, December 23, 2014

We are All Boring Assholes

Why don't we, as a planet, invest more into personality and character? So much energy seems to be put into science/technology/manufacturing/economic activity etc that we're turning into an awfully boring bunch of assholes.

Engineering drafting room, 1962

If aliens landed on our planet, they might think "Good God, these lot are miserable. They fight a lot and like to build stuff, but they're not much fun to be around."

Do you think that when a civil engineer finally completes a masterpiece of a bridge that he's been working on for years, that he stops and goes "Heavens above! Boy was that fun!" I can't imagine it. It must be years of stress, toil and grief. And then relief that it's over. Thankfully our lives are a lot more convenient because of this great work, but I'm just proposing the idea (cos I'm an expert) that maybe we have overcompensated in this area. Maybe we've got the whole engineering thing down pretty good, but that collectively we're stuck in the momentum of a technological obsession. 

What we don't seem to be good at is personality and character. Treating each other well. Havin' a laugh. Actual good times. Adventures etc. It seems that we like to "buy" good times instead. We use crutches. Alcohol, drugs, one week package holidays in some poor country but we stay in the resort. And then at least you can say you've been there. Paid good times. "Let's take some Facebook snaps!!"

Anyway, it would just be cool if there were more actual viable, economically sound incentives for us to pursue careers in personality/character driven professions. Basically, could we all just have a little more laughter and weirdness? There's no rule book that says that we have to be so serious. Let's have a bit a of craic now that we're so technologically advanced. I don't want to live my life sleeping in a tube enjoying life in virtual reality, while robots are harvesting me like a battery because we've made them too clever. Because they WILL fry our asses for breakfast.

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