Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Stop Trying To Change The World!

Great Ocean Drive, Esperance 

There seem to be an awful lot of people that want to change the world. Or their own external environment. It's a mindset that says "Once I have X,Y and Z, I'll be happy". Maybe someone with a predominant mindset of greed and ego will think that once they have a fancy car, a huge house, millions in the bank, their own little empire that . . . . . . then! Finally, they'll be happy! It's an attempt at controlling the external.

Then on the other side there is anger. Somebody frustrated with the world and their position in life will get that rebellious streak, and start hating on everything. Their government is doing them wrong, society is fixed, the "system" is grinding down upon them, any number of conspiracy theories will justify their position. And maybe they're right. But they will rant and rave to try and change the external world.

You can find evidence for any belief that you have. If you believe that the world is against you, you will find a million examples for it. If you believe that the world is beautiful you will find a million examples for that as well. You're just putting different lenses on to view life. You're just choosing whether to "tune in" to the greedy side of life, or the hateful side of life, or the beautiful side of life etc etc. It's all up to you.

But a lot of people think that they can change the way people think by aggressively pointing their finger at all these "no good" people, and giving them their piece of mind. When a teacher in school would tell me what to do in that manner, I pushed against it and had the impulse to do the opposite. It's a natural impulse. But the teacher that I looked up to, and respected just by the good example that they lived up to, I would want to listen to them. Because they weren't forcing me to do something, they were great at what they did, we genuinely respected them, they were showing the way and we listened.

The attempt at always controlling the external can only end badly. Things change. Someone buys a better house, a better car, another government declares war, more bad guys do more bad stuff and you're there trying to run around extinguishing everything. The external world changes very rapidly. But the one thing you have true power over is yourself. And your reaction to the external world.

If more people on Earth mastered their own internal adventure, the world would be a better place. There are 7 billion internal adventures happening right now. Based on the state of things, a lot of them seem to be stuck at the level of fear, anger, greed, lust etc. These are impulses of the "beast" side of us. Mastering the internal adventure would get you to Enlightenment, where things like Joy, Happiness and Fun belong. Which is what we really want deep down I think.

Once you're there, let people know how you got there. If they want to listen, they will. Imagine if a higher % of the 7 billion were further along in their adventure. Right now more of us are tuned into that low level. What they should really be teaching in school is how to be happy. So we all feel good all the time.

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