Monday, July 21, 2014

Shall I go with the Ego? Or Feel Good?

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It is my opinion that an awful lot of trouble in the world can be traced back to ego. In my experience, and I'm breaking this down to very simple ideas, there have been two methods by which I have approached life. Either  feeling good and having fun (spirit) or trying to be the best (ego).

In my early years, and I'm sure this is the same for most kids, all I wanted to do was have fun. I never worried at all. The grownups had things covered. My job was to run around, jump over things, climb under things, and chase a lot of other things. It was great. Fun all the way.

And then as I got older, a lot of pressure seemed to be shifted onto me. Do well at school! Get good grades! Dress neatly! Look your best! Do your homework! Do your best for your sports team! If you're not good enough you won't get to play! Make sure you get into college! If you don't go to college you'll have no hope in life! And on and on and on. You don't want to be in the uncool gang, you wanna hang around with the cool kids. Girls want to be the most beautiful. Guys want to be the toughest, the "jockiest" etc. It all really just turned into competition. The fun had disappeared.

For most people this goes well on into their adult lives. Get the best qualification. Get the high paying job. You might be stressed outta your mind but it's high paying. Try your best to gravitate to a certain class of people. Get married at the appropriate age. Have kids. Present to facebook your happy, successful life. Big smiles. Be the best. Have the most. Be the smartest. Be the top of the list.

What struck me one day was that all of this was only playing out within the realm of the mind. The mind can only compare. Better, worse. Beautiful, ugly. Smart, stupid. But the one thing it can't do is feel. It can sense satisfaction at a particular configuration or arrangement in life. However complex it may get. But it can never feel good. That seems to be something else entirely.

The way to dismantle the ego (being top of every list) in my opinion is by chasing anything that feels good to the soul. The chesty feeling within you. This to me is emotional intelligence. It is a method for climbing out of depression, and has worked for me. Just intuitively go through life building that good feeling within your chest, heart, soul whatever. Getting your spirits up. Having fun. Having a laugh. Having good freinds. Not the best freinds. Buying only the things in life that help you feel good. Not working like crazy just to have the best car, the best clothes, the biggest house. Having a good personality. Having good times. Having adventures. This is just my theory. Hope it makes sense.

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