Saturday, July 19, 2014

Light Your Inspiration On Fire!

Boxer in the Shadows, Havana, Cuba, 2001

If there's one job that I can think of that can do more towards improving your general life situation it is inspiring yourself. Somehow, in any way you can, lighting the fire within yourself gets you up, gives you courage to smash through setbacks and obstacles, you start flying rather than crawling, you start shouting rather than whispering. A soul that is set on fire can get through pretty much anything.

You may be battered and bruised, your confidence may be shot down to a million pieces, you might be tired of getting up time after time, looking up at the person or people that mentally beat you down day after day, the drudgery, the getting up each morning to face more hell, more assault and chipping away at your soul, a million petty comments that sap your confidence each time. But if you can still light the fire in your soul after all this, there's nothing that can stop you from making a comeback.

See yourself doing the Ali shuffle as a victory dance, loud and confident, brave and unstoppable. Laughing at your enemy. "Haha sucker, is that all you got? You can't hurt me, you're fighting the champion". You've got energy and inspiration, your heart and soul is soaring above the clouds. Every atom in your body is charged with energy, a lightening bolt is gonna strike at any time. Zap! Kabaam! There's a fierceness in your eyes, the contents of your soul beaming straight out at the world, wild, "I'm not gonna take this no more!" See yourself smashing your way through life with energy and passion.

Then bring yourself back down to earth every once in a while! And be humble too.

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