Friday, June 6, 2014

It's a Brain Off!

intellectuals at home

Brain-Offs fascinate me. It's a level up from guys who posture about the place with bravado and big muscles, and girls who over indulge in make up and their looks, but it's still within the same ballpark. The name of the game is competition, and the the star of the show is Mr. Ego.

The ego's purpose in life is to win. It shall reign supreme. It will survive and outlast the rest of the field. Weakness is total failure. Lack of general knowledge brings shame and embarrassment. The dull, blunt-edged ego will be shunned and ignored from society. There is no mercy shown to the weak ego. "Keep up, or stand by the sidelines and stay out of the way!" says Mr. Ego

Mr "Hero" Ego generally has a knack for sucking the life out of good times. These are a few examples of what I like to call "Brain Offs" or ego showdowns........

  • Any time you see any political debate. I generally try and stay the hell away from these, unless I want to be reminded of how bad things can get. The other guys are ALWAYS the bad guys, the other guys ALWAYS screwed things up when they last were in charge, the other guys are ONLY interested in serving themselves. It's just points scoring. The winners have their ego's soothed, the losers lick their wounds. No one really feels good about anything at all. Small satisfactions here and there keep them goin. Their faces show signs of severe miserableness. 
  • The "life and soul of the party" guy. Genuine, authentic life and soul is great, but we all know guys that when they enter a room, theres lots of back slapping, arching back pointing at people, people pointing back laughing loudly, there's no real joke or anything really funny, it's just a bunch of people pointing at eachother. It's a weird thing to see. It's even weirder that they're serious about it. If girls are around this is ramped up like 5 notches. It can become unbearable.
  • The "bat away the competition with cheap shots" person. That person who enters the room with a smug look and dirty cheap shots. This can kill a good laugh and good times pretty fast. Easy "crutch" jokes are used a lot. Mother jokes, your sister jokes, your team sucks jokes basically guys with open weaknesses are picked up on first. Very unoriginal and most of it stolen material. No real good times at all. 
  • Friendly banter that turns into an ego showdown. General chit chat and merriment is interrupted by two people using big words and "hard to grasp" concepts, and a debate breaks out about the economy of a country no ones heard about. Random, obscure facts are dropped in to show off one's Big Brain. This can be pure torture. Two body builders may as well be arm wrestling. I honestly consider them roughly the same thing. 

Anyway, the ego is probably THE cause of the world's problems and we would be doing well to atleast know what it is and how to manage it.

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