Sunday, June 15, 2014

Get The Basics of Life Right First!


When you look at your life as a whole, there are a couple of key, fundamental aspects which make a huge impact on the quality of life you experience. Like the solid trunk of a tree, you can grow steadily from this foundation. Some of these things can seem so basic when you look at them, but I've often wondered to myself why I had not figured them out before. And why I had expended so much energy on the irrelevant distractions in life, rather than these basic fundamentals. This is kinda like gettin' your hands dirty with the metaphorical "nuts and bolts" of life.

One of the greatest factors to consider is your health. Mental and physical. Your health has the single largest broad sweeping effect on your happiness and life experience. It is the solid foundation on which you can build everything else upon. For example, you cannot run a business if you are low on energy, stressed out, miserable etc. Doing things this way is putting the cart before the horse. You need to be vibrant and full of energy first before creating anything of value. It has to start from the inside and work it's way out to the world.

So look after your physical health. Eat organic foods whenever you can, get lots of sunshine, load your system up with clean fruits and vegetables, start green juicing, eat healthy complex carbs for stable energy throughout the day, get plenty of vitamins and minerals. Eat as "naturally" as you can. Have a vision in your mind that you are gonna feel healthy, and vibrant and full of energy. These things add "life". You will now have the energy to create.

Things that "suck" the life out of your body are things that have been diverted from their natural state. Your body, being a "natural" organism, has to work too hard to assimilate the unnatural things that are put into it. I have yet to see a cheese burger or can of soft drink grow from the ground. But the key is not to start hating on these things. They are nice little snacks and treats sometimes. But start looking to foods that are full of natural life and make these the core foundation of your diet. Soon enough, you will be so healthy that you could afford to treat yourself every now and then with burgers and sugary sweets etc. But fast food as a core foundation of your diet is only going to suck the life and energy out of you. 

Your mental health is another fundamental. Neurosis and "The Monkey Mind" are the greatest obstacles to good mental health. Present moment awareness, positive imagination and good feeling thoughts all create a vibrant outlook on life. Present moment awareness creates razor sharp focus. It also grounds you firmly in reality. Positive imagination and good feeling thoughts provide inspiration, hope as well as creating goals and visions to work towards. 

This is all about starting with the big picture and then working your way through the details. The big picture is happiness. Now divide that into manageable parts. Great physical and mental health can create happiness. Now divide those into manageable parts. Organic fruits, meditation etc. Another fundamental, which I will cover in another post is your environment ie "What you spend your day doing", job etc. But always get back to the big picture of "Happiness" if you get lost in the details. The problem I see a lot is that people say "Once I'm rich, then I'll be happy". They get lost in the details of investing, promotion, working like a maniac, deadlines etc and it becomes a nightmare. They can't see their way out. They lose sight of the bigger picture. So start with the basics. Get those right first. Slow and steady wins the race. Less "crashing and burning" and more "steady sailing ahead". But above all, remember to be happy. 

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