Saturday, May 31, 2014

The Imaginings of a Crazed Fool #1

Imagine that I somehow incorporated daily travels into the jungles of the world in my daily life. With the spirit and idea of Indiana Jones minus the life threatening scenarios. Slightly more peaceful.

Imagine that I never drained of energy. I always knew how to keep my reserves full, and just burnt on and on and on. 

Imagine that there was a lot more sun and more water parks. A water park in every town and city. 

Imagine there were more universities that listed courses such as: Formula 1 driver, a degree in "World Traveling", a "How to Kick The Ego's Ass" course, a degree in "How to Have Fun", a diploma in "Jungle Adventures". And less universities that offered courses in utter boring crap. 

Imagine there were more music festivals that played music that felt good to the soul, which promoted the idea of health and aliveness, had a back to nature, connected with the earth vibe. Less drugs and mind shattering bass, just something more genuine and authentic. No pretentious crap. Real honest to God, good time stuff. This is just a video game, but dancers + this vibe + music festival would be awesome.

Imagine there was a really popular guide book with simple language that could educate more people about the Ego, and How to Get Past It

Imagine there was less grey, and more colour in the world. Imagine we didn't go around our daily business miserable, hating the sight of the people we see everyday. Imagine that our lives were full of honest to God good times with everyone, or most people anyway. 

pfffffffffffff that's all for now

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