Thursday, May 29, 2014

The Idea of Adventure

A lot of us get stuck inside of "habit boxes". We form patterns of behavior over years which can lock us into habitual "prisons". From the age of around 5 or 6, we get sandwiched into the gears of society. And it's no ones fault. It's all our fault. We all create the world we live in. There's no single evil genius laughing in the background at us.

We wake up, we have our breakfast, we go to school, we get told what to do, we come home, our parents tell us what to do, we do our homework, we play a little, we eat dinner and we sleep. And repeat. And repeat. For generally 12 years of education. If we choose to go to college or university, add another 2 - 4 years with a little more freedom thrown in. It's like a release valve and most young adults just go bananas when they get to college with parties and booze etc.

The thing is though that you're still looking at another 50 or 60 years of hard, grafting work after this with the same habitual patterns. Wake early, eat, work for 8-10 hours in a job you really don't believe in, come home, tell your kids to do their homework, eat dinner, watch a bit of TV and go to bed late. Most don't even get a good night's rest and repeat, and repeat and repeat. This is exactly why the idea of adventure is so exciting to most people.

The way to become more adventurous is to make this idea a core belief of yours. You've got to WANT to be adventurous. Once it becomes an ingrained belief it's like you start looking at life from another angle. Or with different tinted specs on. You start SEEING the opportunities for adventure. You think of your job. You go to the same place 5 days a week, every week, every month, year after year. Ya, not adventurous at all. You start looking for a more adventurous job. You google it. You research it. Pick one that vibrates and resonates with your essential being. Start a travel blog, create an online business, travel Australia going from coast to coast doing restaurant work, do anything that creates more adventure.

The key though really is having the time to be adventurous. A fair chunk of our time is spent working to support our lifestyles. Another problem is buying into consumerism. That car will make me happy. Those designer shoes will make me happy. As Tyler Durden says in Fight Club "Advertising has us chasing cars and clothes, working jobs we hate so we can buy shit we don't need". Having the newest, the best and the most expensive is all one big ego trip. The ego can never feel happiness. It only knows satisfaction, which is short lived, until somebody else has something newer and more expensive than you.

You've got to choose between material possessions and actual living. It's really a choice between the ego and the soul. Do you want to live a life of small satisfactions or do you want to feel happy? Adventure is just one side of life that can make you happy. Another way to look at it is that you can also take the internal adventure. Take the internal adventure from depression to happiness. The adventure from the ego mindset to the happy soul experience. You could live in one place your whole life and still go through amazing internal transformations. No matter which adventure you choose, you're still choosing the IDEA of adventure, and it will create happiness within.

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