Friday, May 30, 2014

Plug into Popular Culture, Let Your Monkey Mind Float Away

If you are irritable, confused, all over the place, frustrated, thinking too much; use this simple technique to achieve peace and calm. Meditate. I like to give this a twist though. Plug into popular culture and meditate.

A lot of people do this naturally, but if you are somebody who spends too much time by yourself and feel "disconnected" from society, a good way to "plug" yourself back into society is by "plugging" into popular culture. I like to think of it as receiving a "pipeline of understanding".

Many people have selective attention. They only pay attention to what they give value to. Some are sports fans, and can't watch anything but sport. A cooking program comes on and they can't change the channel fast enough. But I have found that I can find value in ANYTHING I choose to give my undivided attention to. The very act of just dropping all your opinions and judgments and just observing is liberating. It hardly matters what the subject is.

It's a way to free your mind. Pay undivided attention to a movie. Pay undivided attention to a football match. A cooking program. A teleshopping channel. The ads between sitcoms. You will start to realize how much you actually zone out of. You start picking up the small details. The key is to stretch out your attention span. If stressful thoughts creep back into your head, get back to observation. If you start daydreaming, bring your attention back. It's the same as meditation really. Just a little "busier". Instead of focusing on your breathe for example, you are just choosing to focus on something else: popular culture.

It's all about having control over your mind, and not letting your monkey mind have control over you. Free all judgement. Free yourself from obsession and selective attention. Plug into popular culture in a way which is healthy, observe it and just accept as it is, whatever it is. You will be amazed at how interesting anything you put your attention to can be. 

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