Saturday, May 31, 2014

"Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see a shadow."

Well, after Plugging into Popular Culture, and Letting My Monkey Mind Float Away, I got a little down in the dumps. Turns out that popular culture hasn't got a lot of good vibes going for it. I watched a lot of sports and random YouTube clips, and while this did give me a break from my own neurosis and obsessive thoughts, the vibration of the content either kept me at the same lowish state that I was before, or helped drag me down further. It's actually very rare that something on TV can take you higher in terms of inspiration. There are a few movies like "Cool Hand Luke" or maybe "Me, Myself and Irene" that can help to lift my spirits, but most of it, honestly, seems to be junk food for the soul.

Thoughts are just like food. There is a lot of fast-food advertising thrown at us daily, and you have to really go and search for good quality organic fruits and veg that will put life back into you. For me, popular culture is just the same. I really have to search hard for good vibrational content. When I read back over my last post about Plugging Into Popular Culture, I couldn't help but sense the sarcasm of which I was mostly unaware of when writing it. Meditating on the moment definitely serves a purpose (quieting the mind), but it doesn't take the soul's feeling anywhere unless the subject has a feel good vibe to it.

I'm pretty damn sure that I have ADD. To me, a lot of ADD types seem to be quite sensitive people. Defo the case for me. Most of my immediate reality filled me with a horrendous feeling when I was young. Less so now, but it's still there. The ADD person really HAS to tune out of their surroundings and daydream, or else their soul gets tugged and swayed too much. There's nothing wrong with being ADD. Infact it's a gift of "feeling" too much. So we just gotto tune out sometimes. It's often said that you will do better in this world if you are "thick skinned". It's true in a way. But it come at the expense of being numb to the feeling of your soul. They're just two sides of the same coin really.

Anyway, the only thing that pulls me out of a pit of despair like this Imagining. The Ego is like wearing a pair of tinted spectacles. A lot of people generally have angry, anxious or fearful obsessive thoughts. So you start seeing the scary side of life in everything. What I do is make sure that I have obsessive thoughts about the best feeling things I can think of. The world just seems to change colour. This is when the inspiration kicks in. I just gotto remember sometimes, to get back to Imagining to keep the inspiration tank full.

An example of an imagination session goes something like this: Imagine that I had no fear in me. Imagine that the feeling of pain in my heart bleeding out gradually stopped, and a joyous feeling took over. Imagine that a momentum took over, and I got a rumbling sort of sensation in my chest that felt like courage and inspiration taking off. A drum beat thundering and crashing that would drive me on regardless of the pain in the world. Imagine that Jesus was standing beside me, whispering encouragement into my ear. Imagine Jesus was standing by everyone in the world and we all felt good. Imagine that this "reality" was the illusion, and that my illusions of heaven were reality. Imagine that I could wake up easily from this little story that I happen to be caught up in, and realize that it was just an experience of not being One.

Ok, ok, ok Jimbob, enough with the crazy jibber jabber. But honest to God, whether there is a heaven, or whether this immediate reality is all there is, this imagination thing makes me feel better, and takes me out of misery. So just try it if you're the kind that has a knack for tripping over and accidently falling into pits of despair. Some may call you crazy, and say that you are living in a fantasy land. Fine, but at least it makes you feel good.

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