Friday, May 23, 2014

Let's Imagine a Better World For Ourselves

First, let's have a look at some of the game changers in recent history. The telephone, the internal combustion engine, the airplane, the television, the internet. They all have basic ideas at the heart of them. Easier communication and faster travel. Simplification of universal experiences that we all share. Not matter who you are on earth, you will travel and you will communicate. What other universal experiences do we all share? The eating experience. Ideas that have revolutionized this? Fast food take-away, supermarkets, online food delivery services, modern agricultural methods etc. The experience of laughter? Stand-up comedy, the idea of a "comedian", half hour sitcoms etc. The activity that has the highest impact in terms of what inventions, ideas and technologies we see today? It must be Imagination. What never existed before has to be imagined.

Most of us, unfortunately, rely on the copy cat method. We imitate what has gone before us. This builds traditions and culture. We do what those before us did. Traditions are like guide books. If you follow the instructions, you will be relatively safe. This can stifle creativity though, and anyone who is seen to be "breaking off from the herd" is spoken of as "weird", "aloof", "a dreamer", or "away with the birds". Traditional types generally have great focus and concentration. They tune into their surroundings extremely well. But they tend to be rigid and stay well within the cultural norms. Dreamers, however, find it very difficult to tune into their surroundings. Attention deficit disorder is a great description of these types. They are always daydreaming and find it difficult to tune into the immediate reality. But it's the dreamers who normally have the greatest impact on the world. Just look at Steve Jobs, John Lennon, Albert Einstein etc

So what's my point? My point is that the people who have the greatest impact on the world all had an extreme gift for vivid imagination. Were any of these guys copy cats? Nope. They cut straight through the traditional, cultural landscape of repetition.

The greatest ambition I have in life is creating a good feeling within myself, and in others if possible. It's a universal experience which we all share briefly sometimes, just like communication and travel etc. Just like those inventors who dreamed up vehicles to make travel easier, I'd love it if more people in the world used their imaginations to dream up ideas, inventions and technologies which increased the good feelings within themselves and others.

The idea for this blog was that it would be a sort of guide book for "how to increase the good feeling within". Practical and technique and method based. I'm taking that journey anyway. This blog was my imagination. I've come across health blogs etc but I've never come across a blog that told me how to get from depression to happiness effectively. And I know depression well. I felt the very bottom. A sort of dead man walking feeling. But I've always had to make my own methods up or use ideas from people I look up to. So I want to get very focused with this blog. It's a blog about: how to get from a "bad feeling place" to a "good feeling place".

My point is that, maybe we could all start imagining a little more. Let's all imagine a world in which we all feel happy, and let's see if we could make it happen. Right now, our imaginations seem to be focused on fear, greed, hate and violence. Just look at the movie industry. It's a great representation of our current collective mental state. Our reference points are made up of these images. And some of us, being the copy cats that we are, act out these images and ideas. It forms our personalities and character.  We're all glued to the news feed. We hear stories about rape, murder etc. All that has done is put more bad reference images into the minds of millions of  people across the world. Their life's "tunnel of experience" is being filled with these images.It's only increasing the likelihood of a copy cat acting out these ideas. We need good feeling reference points for ourselves. And we need to imagine good feeling thoughts. Change the momentum to good feeling thoughts and ideas. Imagine the world you'd like to live in; then try and make it happen. Let's feel good.

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