Saturday, May 31, 2014

The Imaginings of a Crazed Fool #1

Imagine that I somehow incorporated daily travels into the jungles of the world in my daily life. With the spirit and idea of Indiana Jones minus the life threatening scenarios. Slightly more peaceful.

Imagine that I never drained of energy. I always knew how to keep my reserves full, and just burnt on and on and on. 

Imagine that there was a lot more sun and more water parks. A water park in every town and city. 

Imagine there were more universities that listed courses such as: Formula 1 driver, a degree in "World Traveling", a "How to Kick The Ego's Ass" course, a degree in "How to Have Fun", a diploma in "Jungle Adventures". And less universities that offered courses in utter boring crap. 

Imagine there were more music festivals that played music that felt good to the soul, which promoted the idea of health and aliveness, had a back to nature, connected with the earth vibe. Less drugs and mind shattering bass, just something more genuine and authentic. No pretentious crap. Real honest to God, good time stuff. This is just a video game, but dancers + this vibe + music festival would be awesome.

Imagine there was a really popular guide book with simple language that could educate more people about the Ego, and How to Get Past It

Imagine there was less grey, and more colour in the world. Imagine we didn't go around our daily business miserable, hating the sight of the people we see everyday. Imagine that our lives were full of honest to God good times with everyone, or most people anyway. 

pfffffffffffff that's all for now

"Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see a shadow."

Well, after Plugging into Popular Culture, and Letting My Monkey Mind Float Away, I got a little down in the dumps. Turns out that popular culture hasn't got a lot of good vibes going for it. I watched a lot of sports and random YouTube clips, and while this did give me a break from my own neurosis and obsessive thoughts, the vibration of the content either kept me at the same lowish state that I was before, or helped drag me down further. It's actually very rare that something on TV can take you higher in terms of inspiration. There are a few movies like "Cool Hand Luke" or maybe "Me, Myself and Irene" that can help to lift my spirits, but most of it, honestly, seems to be junk food for the soul.

Thoughts are just like food. There is a lot of fast-food advertising thrown at us daily, and you have to really go and search for good quality organic fruits and veg that will put life back into you. For me, popular culture is just the same. I really have to search hard for good vibrational content. When I read back over my last post about Plugging Into Popular Culture, I couldn't help but sense the sarcasm of which I was mostly unaware of when writing it. Meditating on the moment definitely serves a purpose (quieting the mind), but it doesn't take the soul's feeling anywhere unless the subject has a feel good vibe to it.

I'm pretty damn sure that I have ADD. To me, a lot of ADD types seem to be quite sensitive people. Defo the case for me. Most of my immediate reality filled me with a horrendous feeling when I was young. Less so now, but it's still there. The ADD person really HAS to tune out of their surroundings and daydream, or else their soul gets tugged and swayed too much. There's nothing wrong with being ADD. Infact it's a gift of "feeling" too much. So we just gotto tune out sometimes. It's often said that you will do better in this world if you are "thick skinned". It's true in a way. But it come at the expense of being numb to the feeling of your soul. They're just two sides of the same coin really.

Anyway, the only thing that pulls me out of a pit of despair like this Imagining. The Ego is like wearing a pair of tinted spectacles. A lot of people generally have angry, anxious or fearful obsessive thoughts. So you start seeing the scary side of life in everything. What I do is make sure that I have obsessive thoughts about the best feeling things I can think of. The world just seems to change colour. This is when the inspiration kicks in. I just gotto remember sometimes, to get back to Imagining to keep the inspiration tank full.

An example of an imagination session goes something like this: Imagine that I had no fear in me. Imagine that the feeling of pain in my heart bleeding out gradually stopped, and a joyous feeling took over. Imagine that a momentum took over, and I got a rumbling sort of sensation in my chest that felt like courage and inspiration taking off. A drum beat thundering and crashing that would drive me on regardless of the pain in the world. Imagine that Jesus was standing beside me, whispering encouragement into my ear. Imagine Jesus was standing by everyone in the world and we all felt good. Imagine that this "reality" was the illusion, and that my illusions of heaven were reality. Imagine that I could wake up easily from this little story that I happen to be caught up in, and realize that it was just an experience of not being One.

Ok, ok, ok Jimbob, enough with the crazy jibber jabber. But honest to God, whether there is a heaven, or whether this immediate reality is all there is, this imagination thing makes me feel better, and takes me out of misery. So just try it if you're the kind that has a knack for tripping over and accidently falling into pits of despair. Some may call you crazy, and say that you are living in a fantasy land. Fine, but at least it makes you feel good.

Friday, May 30, 2014

Plug into Popular Culture, Let Your Monkey Mind Float Away

If you are irritable, confused, all over the place, frustrated, thinking too much; use this simple technique to achieve peace and calm. Meditate. I like to give this a twist though. Plug into popular culture and meditate.

A lot of people do this naturally, but if you are somebody who spends too much time by yourself and feel "disconnected" from society, a good way to "plug" yourself back into society is by "plugging" into popular culture. I like to think of it as receiving a "pipeline of understanding".

Many people have selective attention. They only pay attention to what they give value to. Some are sports fans, and can't watch anything but sport. A cooking program comes on and they can't change the channel fast enough. But I have found that I can find value in ANYTHING I choose to give my undivided attention to. The very act of just dropping all your opinions and judgments and just observing is liberating. It hardly matters what the subject is.

It's a way to free your mind. Pay undivided attention to a movie. Pay undivided attention to a football match. A cooking program. A teleshopping channel. The ads between sitcoms. You will start to realize how much you actually zone out of. You start picking up the small details. The key is to stretch out your attention span. If stressful thoughts creep back into your head, get back to observation. If you start daydreaming, bring your attention back. It's the same as meditation really. Just a little "busier". Instead of focusing on your breathe for example, you are just choosing to focus on something else: popular culture.

It's all about having control over your mind, and not letting your monkey mind have control over you. Free all judgement. Free yourself from obsession and selective attention. Plug into popular culture in a way which is healthy, observe it and just accept as it is, whatever it is. You will be amazed at how interesting anything you put your attention to can be. 

Thursday, May 29, 2014

The Idea of Adventure

A lot of us get stuck inside of "habit boxes". We form patterns of behavior over years which can lock us into habitual "prisons". From the age of around 5 or 6, we get sandwiched into the gears of society. And it's no ones fault. It's all our fault. We all create the world we live in. There's no single evil genius laughing in the background at us.

We wake up, we have our breakfast, we go to school, we get told what to do, we come home, our parents tell us what to do, we do our homework, we play a little, we eat dinner and we sleep. And repeat. And repeat. For generally 12 years of education. If we choose to go to college or university, add another 2 - 4 years with a little more freedom thrown in. It's like a release valve and most young adults just go bananas when they get to college with parties and booze etc.

The thing is though that you're still looking at another 50 or 60 years of hard, grafting work after this with the same habitual patterns. Wake early, eat, work for 8-10 hours in a job you really don't believe in, come home, tell your kids to do their homework, eat dinner, watch a bit of TV and go to bed late. Most don't even get a good night's rest and repeat, and repeat and repeat. This is exactly why the idea of adventure is so exciting to most people.

The way to become more adventurous is to make this idea a core belief of yours. You've got to WANT to be adventurous. Once it becomes an ingrained belief it's like you start looking at life from another angle. Or with different tinted specs on. You start SEEING the opportunities for adventure. You think of your job. You go to the same place 5 days a week, every week, every month, year after year. Ya, not adventurous at all. You start looking for a more adventurous job. You google it. You research it. Pick one that vibrates and resonates with your essential being. Start a travel blog, create an online business, travel Australia going from coast to coast doing restaurant work, do anything that creates more adventure.

The key though really is having the time to be adventurous. A fair chunk of our time is spent working to support our lifestyles. Another problem is buying into consumerism. That car will make me happy. Those designer shoes will make me happy. As Tyler Durden says in Fight Club "Advertising has us chasing cars and clothes, working jobs we hate so we can buy shit we don't need". Having the newest, the best and the most expensive is all one big ego trip. The ego can never feel happiness. It only knows satisfaction, which is short lived, until somebody else has something newer and more expensive than you.

You've got to choose between material possessions and actual living. It's really a choice between the ego and the soul. Do you want to live a life of small satisfactions or do you want to feel happy? Adventure is just one side of life that can make you happy. Another way to look at it is that you can also take the internal adventure. Take the internal adventure from depression to happiness. The adventure from the ego mindset to the happy soul experience. You could live in one place your whole life and still go through amazing internal transformations. No matter which adventure you choose, you're still choosing the IDEA of adventure, and it will create happiness within.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Are Yams and Sweet Potatoes the Answer to Life's Problems?

Lets consider a country that is in bad shape. It has poor roads and infrastructure, bad leadership, a low level of technology and manufacturing, expensive fuel resources etc It is fatigued and run down. It hasn't got the energy to pick itself up and improve it's economy. What it needs is direction and the energy required to get where it needs to go.

Now lets look at a thriving economy. It 's got great leadership, sophisticated technology and manufacturing methods, a large supply of cheap energy etc. It's got the direction and energy needed to get where it needs to go, and the economy is flourishing. Now use these analogies and apply them to your life.

Leadership and direction would be your own mindset. Who is at the controls? How is your mental state? Have you got good character? The "technology" would be comparable to your physical make-up. How is your state of health? Are you physically and mentally fit?

Now what about energy? You may have a fantastic character and state of mind, a good level of health, but are you supplying yourself with the energy required to power this body and mind of yours along? For many years I relied on motivation and inspiration from heroes of mine, to pick myself up when I felt I had nothing left to give. My soul was well nourished, but I failed to take care of physical health. A great place to be at in life is to realize that the soul and physical reality both need to be respected. The body needs an abundance of energy. Now all it takes is to look for the best source of energy for the human body.

While I'm no expert at all in this area, after a bit of research I found that sources of fuel for the human body come from carbohydrates, fats and proteins. There is a lot of debate about whether carbs or fats are better sources of energy. Proteins supply far less energy but are important in other ways. So choose carbs or fats based on your own inclinations. I've opted for a high carbohydrate diet. It seems more natural to me. Maybe one day I will try a high fat-low carb diet. The point is to do your research. Listen to the guys who know what they are talking about. Don't try and reinvent the wheel. Listen to their advice.

Get the best fuel possible for your body. Once I decided on carbs as my main fuel, I started researching the best carbohydrate sources available. The healthiest carbs which I came across, and the ones which I have settled on are yams, sweet potatoes, brown rice, organic oats and regular organic potatoes. I generally try and go organic with everything. Make sure that your diet is well rounded with plenty of fruits, vegetables and healthy fats.

Respect your body. Supply it with an abundance of energy. Power on through life. Keep burning on. Find your best source of fuel and make sure that you keep the tank full!

Friday, May 23, 2014

Let's Imagine a Better World For Ourselves

First, let's have a look at some of the game changers in recent history. The telephone, the internal combustion engine, the airplane, the television, the internet. They all have basic ideas at the heart of them. Easier communication and faster travel. Simplification of universal experiences that we all share. Not matter who you are on earth, you will travel and you will communicate. What other universal experiences do we all share? The eating experience. Ideas that have revolutionized this? Fast food take-away, supermarkets, online food delivery services, modern agricultural methods etc. The experience of laughter? Stand-up comedy, the idea of a "comedian", half hour sitcoms etc. The activity that has the highest impact in terms of what inventions, ideas and technologies we see today? It must be Imagination. What never existed before has to be imagined.

Most of us, unfortunately, rely on the copy cat method. We imitate what has gone before us. This builds traditions and culture. We do what those before us did. Traditions are like guide books. If you follow the instructions, you will be relatively safe. This can stifle creativity though, and anyone who is seen to be "breaking off from the herd" is spoken of as "weird", "aloof", "a dreamer", or "away with the birds". Traditional types generally have great focus and concentration. They tune into their surroundings extremely well. But they tend to be rigid and stay well within the cultural norms. Dreamers, however, find it very difficult to tune into their surroundings. Attention deficit disorder is a great description of these types. They are always daydreaming and find it difficult to tune into the immediate reality. But it's the dreamers who normally have the greatest impact on the world. Just look at Steve Jobs, John Lennon, Albert Einstein etc

So what's my point? My point is that the people who have the greatest impact on the world all had an extreme gift for vivid imagination. Were any of these guys copy cats? Nope. They cut straight through the traditional, cultural landscape of repetition.

The greatest ambition I have in life is creating a good feeling within myself, and in others if possible. It's a universal experience which we all share briefly sometimes, just like communication and travel etc. Just like those inventors who dreamed up vehicles to make travel easier, I'd love it if more people in the world used their imaginations to dream up ideas, inventions and technologies which increased the good feelings within themselves and others.

The idea for this blog was that it would be a sort of guide book for "how to increase the good feeling within". Practical and technique and method based. I'm taking that journey anyway. This blog was my imagination. I've come across health blogs etc but I've never come across a blog that told me how to get from depression to happiness effectively. And I know depression well. I felt the very bottom. A sort of dead man walking feeling. But I've always had to make my own methods up or use ideas from people I look up to. So I want to get very focused with this blog. It's a blog about: how to get from a "bad feeling place" to a "good feeling place".

My point is that, maybe we could all start imagining a little more. Let's all imagine a world in which we all feel happy, and let's see if we could make it happen. Right now, our imaginations seem to be focused on fear, greed, hate and violence. Just look at the movie industry. It's a great representation of our current collective mental state. Our reference points are made up of these images. And some of us, being the copy cats that we are, act out these images and ideas. It forms our personalities and character.  We're all glued to the news feed. We hear stories about rape, murder etc. All that has done is put more bad reference images into the minds of millions of  people across the world. Their life's "tunnel of experience" is being filled with these images.It's only increasing the likelihood of a copy cat acting out these ideas. We need good feeling reference points for ourselves. And we need to imagine good feeling thoughts. Change the momentum to good feeling thoughts and ideas. Imagine the world you'd like to live in; then try and make it happen. Let's feel good.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The Many Uses Of Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is fantastic stuff. Just as long as it's produced well. Always research the brands that you use to make sure that you're getting the highest quality available. No weird chemicals of any sort should be used during the process of extracting the oil. There is so much scandal involved with food that you got to do your research these days. I once read a crazy story about a cheese manufacturer who grated used umbrella handles into his Parmesan Cheese to fill it out. Yeh, anything to make a buck and now we're eating umbrella handles. Thanx guy.

Anyway, I use coconut oil for many things. It's anti-fungal and antibacterial so it kills all the bad guys pretty well. There's a war going on between the many different types of bacteria in your body, so supply the good guys with the best supplies they can get. Eat 2 - 3 table spoons of coconut oil a day and you should be good to go. Some eat 3 times that amount with no ill effects. The fat in coconut oil is very healthy and it converts into energy very efficiently. You won't gain a ton of weight or break out in spots. You'll have more reserves of energy to draw from as you go about your busy day. Especially in these times, we need all the energy we can get.

Another great use for coconut oil is for use externally. Many people suffer from minute bugs which crawl around on their skin called Demodex. We itch and we scratch but fail to realize that there is a tiny ecosystem on the surface of our skin. You don't look after it? The bad guys turn up and make life hell for you. Lather yourself all up in coconut oil from head to toe. This stuff seeps deep into the crevices surrounding the hair follicles where these guys hang out, and guess what? It makes life hell for THEM! Yes, we're winning the war now! Anyway, literally cover yourself in coconut oil and hour or two before you shower, and then wash it off. Otherwise you could just lather a very thin layer over yourself and go about your day.

What I'm trying right now is using coconut oil to attack my sinus problems. Normally I ingest a large amount (maybe 5-10g) of powdered vitamin C in water throughout the day and my sinus problems become non existent. High dose Vitamin C is a beautiful thing. But now that I've run out temporarily, I decided to experiment with coconut oil. I lay on my bed, tilt my head back and drip coconut oil from a teaspoon into each nostril, sniffing every now and then. I lay back for half an hour, shaking my head to get the oil to fill the far reaching corners of my sinuses. The idea is that it will attack any sort of bad bacteria or fungus that resides in my sinuses. There could, however, be a far deeper, underlying cause to my sinus problems, but I will report back on how this turns out.

Coconut oil has many, many different uses and it would be impossible to cover them all in one post. My advice is to research the heck out of anything you take. The more natural, the better. Use trusted brands. Your local health food shop will definitely have some in stock. There's a big shift and trend at the moment towards more natural foods and products and coconut oil is one of the star performers. Make it a daily habit to use more coconut oil, and get your health back in top shape!

Friday, May 16, 2014

How to Get Direction in Your Life

“You must not only aim right, but draw the bow with all your might.”

~Henry David Thoreau

Sometimes we get stuck in two minds about where we wanna go with our lives. I have great difficulty with this. I seem to be inspired by "the next big thing" every other day. And I'll get obsessed about a new topic for days or weeks on end before finally going "'s not for me". The key for me is that it really has to feel like the perfect fit before I "go all in". 

And taking the time to find this right fit is perfectly fine. Generally, it's taken me a lot longer than most other people to get going with life. But only because I can't put all of my energy into something which doesn't feel right. It's hard to live with that empty feeling when faking your way through something. 

When I was studying to be an engineer, the whole process didn't feel right. School counselors, family etc were saying things like "This is perfect for you, your future will be very bright once you have your degree, don't be faffing about in two minds, just knuckle down and get going". When I left college with my fancy new degree, the economy went down the toilet with the financial crises, so, so much for listening to those older and wiser than you. But if the crises never happened, and I had "gotten on the tracks" with engineering and been stuck on that path, I know that I wouldn't have been happy . From day one, the whole thing gave me a bad feeling, which I failed to recognise at the time. 

The point is that I learned to think for myself. Think about where YOU want to go in YOUR life. Not where somebody else thinks you should go. Try many different things. Say to yourself "What would I like to spend my days doing for the rest of my life?" My method is that if it doesn't feel right, I let it go and look for something else. When that something else comes along that is a perfect fit, it will take off by itself. You will get boundless energy and enthusiasm for it. 

If I start feeling slightly off, and a bit weird, when I get an lonely sort of feeling, I let the idea go and clear my mind. Basically your feeling about things is your internal guidance system. You've heard of successful people in business etc who "follow their gut feeling" and it serves them well. When I pick up a new interest, I follow it for a while. If it feels good, I stick with it. If it feels wrong, I drop it. Same with habits, hobbies, people etc all the way down to each and every thought you create. If a thought that I'm obsessing on feels bad, I drop it. I would rather be obsessed with a thought that feels good. 

With regards to the quote above, if you "draw the bow with all your might" but you aim in the wrong direction, you can end up with an obsession for years which might only give you pain and grief. I did this for many, many years with music. I thought "Music is my thing. It is the thing that I know best. I would rather be a starving musician who enjoys his passion everyday than be a money hungry professional who hates his job. When I make it in music, THEN I'll be happy." So I ran hard in that direction. I was never more miserable. The starving musician idea was a step up from the career driven professional idea but it still wasn't IT (for me). 

The point is that you've got to keep trying new things, keep getting up from failures, and eventually you will find a good fit. The best fit to me is when both my soul and ego are satisfied. The starving artist idea appealed to me because my soul felt better but my ego was not in good shape (havin no money ever will do this). It still wasn't IT. The guy with a couple houses, yachts and loads of money will have his ego well satisfied but his soul might be in terrible shape. They always talk about that empty feeling.  There is a middle way to find between the soul and the ego. Try to respect both. Keep searching until you find that groove.