Monday, March 10, 2014

The Road to Happiness

Throughout my teenage years and into my early twenties, I suffered from severe anxiety and depression. It went on for so long that I perceived it as "normal".  One of the major problems that caused this was the way in which I perceived the world.

About 5-10% of my mental energy was directed at observing the outside world. I had extreme listening difficulties, for example, I would have no idea about a half hour long TV program I had just watched. I had no opinion about a football game I had just seen. Very little went in. Because of this I was thought of as stupid and simple, and this only increased my anxiety and despair.

Well, at an especially difficult time in my life, I reached rock bottom and experienced feelings of suicide. Something kicked in in that space of absolute darkness, and I can only describe it as experiencing  "God", "It", "The Divine" whatever you wish to name it. Since that moment and up until this very day, I have trudged and dug in, and climbed and fought and struggled my way a "better feeling place". The furthest I can get from that suicidal feeling.

Over the years I have developed some practical techniques and some very strong ideas about how to get from a "terrible feeling place" to a "good feeling place". I now live a life that fills me with "a good feeling", and I'd like to share this information with anyone who needs the help.

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