Thursday, March 27, 2014

Method: Connecting To Your Soul With Imagination

One of the best ways to connect to your soul and create a good feeling within yourself is by using your imagination. The number of great minds that had deep convictions about imagination speaks for itself

“Everything you can imagine is real.” 
 Pablo Picasso

Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve. 
–Napoleon Hill

“Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life's coming attractions.”
 Albert Einstein

“Reality can be beaten with enough imagination.” 
 Mark Twain

So if imagination is so important, why not just try it? Get away from the computer, the TV and all other distractions. Sit in your favourite armchair or lay on the bed. And Imagine. Go for the images and thoughts that create the best feeling within you. These are an example

Imagine that I felt good everyday of my life. Imagine that I never had to face another illness or disease. Imagine that every morning I woke up with an endless amount of energy and loved every minute of the day, until I lay on my bed at night and had the most relaxing, deep sleep ever. Imagine that I never distracted myself with mindless things that sucked the life and energy from me. Imagine that I had a great purpose in life, and that purpose was to create as much happiness and good feeling within myself as I possibly could. Imagine that I was connected to God and could feel the great spirit within me every second of the day. Imagine that I had this good soul feeling always, and that who ever I might come in contact with everyday would receive that good feeling as well. Imagine that most people in the world were connected with their good feeling or God. Imagine that alcohol never existed, and could never put anger, aggression, confusion and dullness into so many people. Imagine that smoking companies felt the pang of regret and took their products that kill so many of their customers out of production. Imagine that we never drugged our children with sweets, candy and soda with their first steps into the world. Imagine that there were supermarkets, not filled with dead, lifeless, processed foods, but with fresh food grown from the earth that was full of life and energy, so that when we ate these fruits and vegetables, we would be full of the life an energy too. Imagine that the main goal of corporations and governments was not to exploit the people for their own gain, but to create as much happiness in the world as possible. Imagine that corporations actually acted the way they pretend they do in their adverts. Imagine that we all just returned to the good feeling within ourselves, and away from the Ego's small satisfactions. Imagine that the Ego never existed. Their would be no more competition to be the most, be the best, be the most beautiful, have the most, control the most, to be the top of every list it can think of. Imagine that our Ego minds just floated away and our greatest drive was to grow the good feeling within ourselves, and know that that feeling was God. Imagine that we never got the idea of God so horribly wrong. Imagine that people woke up to the fact that most organised religions don't promote the growing of the good feeling within ourselves, but separation from that good feeling through fear and guilt. Imagine that every one in the world learnt how to use their imagination again. The imagination they they had lost since childhood. Imagine that schools never sucked the life and soul and imagination out of our children. Imagine that every schools greatest goal was to increase the happiness and good feeling within every child, so that creative imagination would soar even higher. Imagine that we all had that good feeling, the spirit of life, and creative imagination within us every day.

What happens when you imagine like this is that the more and more you believe this can happen, the greater the chance it has of actually happening. The Buddha once said

“We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts, we make the world.”

When you think of war, you bring about war. When you think of violence, you bring about violence. It's driven so hard into us by media that we start to regurgitate the fearful images. It's in all of our minds so we create that world. But when you think of a beautiful world, you will bring about that beautiful world. When you think about your own good feeling, you will bring about that good feeling. Just choose what to think of. Go for the best feeling thoughts that you can think of. You will feel it almost immediately. 

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Breaking Obsession

Somewhere along the path that our lives take, most of us pick a direction in life, whether you are conscious about it or not. I bet that you know a guy who is fixated on a certain sports team. I bet that you know a girl who is obsessed about her looks. We've all come across people who are obsessed with money. We see alcoholics stumbling down the sidewalk towards us, and we give them as much space as possible. Most of these people have an obsession, and it is an extremely difficult thing to break away from.

This all ties in with neurosis. Neurosis to me is the accumulation of obsessive thoughts that disengage a person from reality. We all have neurosis to a certain degree. Even the most enlightened beings on earth have a small degree of neurosis. There's a scale that runs from one extreme end to the other. On one side you have extreme neurosis, madness, schizophrenia etc. A complete disengagement from reality. The mind/ego is in full control and it might be a living hell for the person. On the other end, you have complete engagement with reality. The senses are in full receptive mode. You see everything, all at once. You feel every sensation in your body, all at once. You hear every little sound, all at once. Whichever sensory organ you choose. It can be fun to switch between the senses. 

What you're left with when you are fully engaged with the living moment is the feeling of your spirit. The mind is completely quiet. You are your true self. The trick with an obsession is to drag the pointer of your internal compass with all your might, and have it point in a direction which will give you relief and a degree of peacefulness within yourself.

The other trick is realizing that following the good feeling within your heart and soul is the only thing that really "feels" real. It's all about the feeling. Disengage from your mind, and "feel" your soul. The mind is obsessed with being at the top of the list. Being the smartest. Acquiring the most knowledge. Being the funniest. It wants the beautiful trophy wife, even though she might be hell to live with and you feel rotten inside, your mind feeds off of the satisfaction that she looks great and you think all your friends think so too. This is the empty feeling that people with a lot of "success" talk about. The brain might be "winning" at life but the soul is in terrible shape.

The only healthy amount of neurosis that I would recommend is using your mind to chase the good feeling within your soul. Look at your brain as a handy tool that can create as much happiness for you as possible. If you don't have that good feeling within your soul, everything you chase (money, success, beauty) will be an empty illusion, and you will put on a brave face to everyone around you, but you will know that empty feeling.

So to break out of an obsession, fully engage reality with your senses for hours, days, months on end. Your obsessive thoughts will float away. Walking to work? Listen to the traffic and sounds all around, feel the cool air, the warm sun, look at the shadows and light, the reflections, feel the sensation of your body as it walks. This can be done anywhere. Meditate on life happening around you. And start using your mind not to chase false illusions of success, but of a real good feeling within yourself. When the world is collapsing around you, with destruction and chaos, and you can still have that good feeling within you're soul, then you know you are truly happy.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Neurosis and Living in The Moment

One of the biggest factors that contributes to anxiety and depression in my opinion is having a mind that is "all over the place"or "scatterbrained" (Neurosis). Another good description would be "The lights are on but nobody is home".

When I was younger, as I have stated my earlier post, roughly 5-10% of my mental energy was focused on "the moment" (reality, what's going on right now etc). The other 90% was totally internal. Unrelated thoughts, violent images (violence directed towards me mostly), anxious thoughts involving social situations, obsessive thoughts about my weakness etc. This is a very dark world to live in. From the outside, the person may seem to just be little unresponsive and shy (as was my case). But inside they might be experiencing a turbulent, fearful world.

Meditation is a great example of solving this problem. Meditation basically increases the 5-10% living in the moment to nearly 100% living in the moment. If done for long enough, the obsessive, anxious thoughts slowly float away and a sense of calm and peacefulness is experienced. Your mind is basically chilling out, taking a break. "Freeing the mind" now makes sense.

The way I meditate is by keeping it real simple. Just focus on your surroundings. Close your eyes and listen to the sounds all around you, or focus on your breathe, or "feel" the sensations of your body. Don't make things too complicated by trying to sit in the Lotus position, or researching complicated techniques etc. You can never think your way to peacefulness. Just give your mind a break. Relax. Listen to the birds. You will feel rejuvenated afterwards.

The Road to Happiness

Throughout my teenage years and into my early twenties, I suffered from severe anxiety and depression. It went on for so long that I perceived it as "normal".  One of the major problems that caused this was the way in which I perceived the world.

About 5-10% of my mental energy was directed at observing the outside world. I had extreme listening difficulties, for example, I would have no idea about a half hour long TV program I had just watched. I had no opinion about a football game I had just seen. Very little went in. Because of this I was thought of as stupid and simple, and this only increased my anxiety and despair.

Well, at an especially difficult time in my life, I reached rock bottom and experienced feelings of suicide. Something kicked in in that space of absolute darkness, and I can only describe it as experiencing  "God", "It", "The Divine" whatever you wish to name it. Since that moment and up until this very day, I have trudged and dug in, and climbed and fought and struggled my way a "better feeling place". The furthest I can get from that suicidal feeling.

Over the years I have developed some practical techniques and some very strong ideas about how to get from a "terrible feeling place" to a "good feeling place". I now live a life that fills me with "a good feeling", and I'd like to share this information with anyone who needs the help.